Go Eol is here to improve all parts of your life. Trouble in school? You will find study methods and study solutions that suits your needs. Trouble with work and social life? Unhealthy? Feeling just something is wrong with where you live but you can’t explain why? We have solutions for your problems here!

Go Eol is unique because it is the one stop shop in improving your life. We provide software solutions, lectures and services to give you a boost in life! We provide all self-serve solutions for free and personal consultation for a very reasonable price. We hope that we can help you reach where you want within the shortest time as possible.

Our methods are unique in that its not the conventional method that you see before. We use unique memorization techniques, meditation, NLP, geomancy and Feng Shui to help you in becoming someone you want to be.



Go-Eol Android Mobile Solutions

Our mobile solutions make sure that you have the help you need in your daily endeavors wherever you go!

Highlights of our product lineup include:

Cantonese Common and Useful Phrases Android App: 

So you want to learn Cantonese? Good Choice! Not only it is widely use across the world, it is also one of the hardest languages to learn. If you master Cantonese, it will also be an easy bridge into learning Mandarin as the written language is the same.

This app is designed for YOU as an English speaker and it contains the following:
-Video Lectures to make sure you can hear and see how it sounds from a native cantonese speaker
– Flash Cards that makes you remember all of the pronounciation
– Quizzes for you to see how well you are doing


Grade 12 Math: Algebra Android App:

This collection of study materials would allow you to have good background knowledge of algebra in order to prepare you in getting excellent marks in Grade 12 Math Exam. Grade 12 AP Math: The Algebra course is an application containing study materials that are most useful for students to prepare for their Grade 12 AP Math course.


Calgary Go: City Map and Place Android App:

Going to a convenience store and want to know where is the closest one? How about finding the nearest place for coffee? Calgary Go can help you!

By using the location service function on your mobile device, Calgary Go provides you:

– One touch access to find the closest place of interest around you such as atms, convenience stores, cafe, pharmacies etc (Needs to be within Calgary City Boundaries to access this function)

– Quick access to city bike paths and bus routes

– Latest events around Calgary

– Sales Tax and Tips Calculator to quickly calculate how much it REALLY costs in Calgary


Be sure to check out our Google Android Developer page to find out more!


MikeTutor Services

Miketutor is a growing YouTube Channel that offers tutoring materials for various studying topics such as biology and math, but with the specific focus in teaching people Cantonese for free.


Calgary Language Learning and Exchange Club

We are here to make sure that you will meet your potential best friend that helps you succeed in learning the language! What is even better, you in turn would help them succeed as well! Win-win!

We off to help you find your language exchange and conversation partner for Free. We are ready, are you ready to take the next step in improving your language skills?

Sign up now by clicking here!


English Papa (英語パパ)

English Papa is an English learning service dedicated to Japanese.



英語パパ 必須英語の文法: 前置詞, 接続詞, インタラクション

In this post I would like to introduce a very basic English grammar concept and that is the preposition, conjunction and interjection. Preposition (前置詞) is a word used to link nouns, pronouns or phrases to other words within the sentence. Example: I drove my car to  the gas station. to = preposition Conjunction (接続詞) are words that connect …

英語パパ 必須英語の文法: 副詞 (Adverbs)

In this short post I would like to introduce a very basic English grammar concept and that is the adverb. Adverbs are words that describe or modify a verb, an adjective or another adverb. The very handsome guy sat down. very = adverb handsome = adjective guy = noun   英語をもっと上手に話せるようになりたいですか? 英語パパのVIPメンバーになりしょう!

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