As a man you need to know! Want to prevent “bald hair loss”? you should eat these 5 kinds of food!

Modern people have immunity disorders, eating disorders, lack of nutrition, stress, or lack of sleep and other factors. And because of this, even at a young age, there have been problems of hair loss. In more serious conditions, may even appear bald. But the good news is that recent studies have found that some food nutrition can actually help the hair grow. So if you have such problems you should try to improve from your daily diet!

Food 1: Salmon

Hair is essentially protein fiber, so we better intake lots of protein, which will help you grow new hair, and make hair more robust. In addition, the important elements of the hair structure – keratin, also need protein. Eating salmon can help you, as its omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins can promote hair health.

Food 2: Oyster

Oyster contains the nutrients “zinc” that can effectively prevent hair loss. Studies have pointed out thatpeople with hair loss the zinc content was significantly lower. In addition, there are studies compared to a number of people who have hair problems, found that regardless of the reasons for their hair loss, the body of zinc content were significantly lower. However, most of the cases in the beginning of intake of zinc supplies, or eat foods rich in zinc, can effectively delay the hair loss. Among all foods, oyster is the highest zinc content. Other foods containing zinc include walnuts, spinach, eggs, sunflower seeds, green beans, wheat germ, oatmeal … and so on.
Food 3: Honey

In one study, the researchers applied a coating of 9 to 1 of honey and water to the scalp of the subject every day for patients with laryngeal dermatitis with scalp itching, dandruff, hair loss, etc. Lasts four weeks. They found that the situation has been improved.

Food 4: Oil

Pumpkin, rosemary, coconut oil and so on are very helpful to the scalp. In a study, 400 grams of pumpkin seed oil or placebo were given to men with hair loss every day for 24 weeks. Then they found that those who use pumpkin seed oil hair growth rate increased by 40%. Rosemary oil can also promote hair growth and also less scalp itch.

Food 5: Seafood

Recent studies have found that the supply of Cistanche, as well as kelp (an edible seafood) can help people with mild or general hair loss problems hair growth. After taking 16 weeks, the subject’s hair volume increased by 13%, and the hair thickness increased by 27%. At the same time, these foods are also effective in treating scalp inflammation and dandruff.