Defecation problems? You absolutely should not eat these 5 things!

I believe that most people more or less have had difficulty defecation experience.

Because now most people are long in a sitting position, less exercise. Coupled with changes in eating habits, constipation is a very common problem. But since inconvenience or pain does not last, people will not go further to find out the reasons and make improvements.

Therefore, Xiaobian listed today the 5 foods to avoid for constipation issues. Hope that this will help you soothe the symptoms!

# 1: Alcohol or caffeine

Drink caffeinated beverages, or alcohol, will reduce the gastrointestinal motility and defecation required water, so should not be taken too much. In addition, alcohol will inhibit “antidiuretic hormone”, which will allow you to keep running to the toilet. The more urine, the more water loss, and constipation will be more serious. So if you really have constipation problems, it is best to drink boiled water. Daily intake of proper moisture is useful for reducing constipation!

# 2: Refined food

Want to bowel smooth, it is necessary to eat food. Exquisite food often with fat will make digestion slow, causing constipation. In addition, refined foods also contain many fructans, which not only affect our digestion, but also cause other digestive problems. Such as flatulence, constipation, diarrhea, and fart. This kind of food is very common, for example: bread, spaghetti, or biscuits. Therefore, it is recommended to use high-fiber, prototype food instead of refined food. For example, intake: fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, brown rice, wheat, oats … … and so on.

# 3: Excess dairy products

Dairy products are easy to flatten after digestion because of the lack of lactose enzymes in our intestines to break down lactose from dairy products into small intestine-absorbed monosaccharides. Therefore, people with constipation as long as you eat less dairy products, you can avoid the uncomfortable situation. Such foods such as: milk, ice cream, butter, processing cheese ….. and so on, this type of dairy products are very high lactose content. In replacement, you can have a lower amount of lactose dairy products, such as skim milk, excellent cell … … and so on.

# 4: iron or calcium supplies

Iron and calcium supplements can cause constipation, because they will make the stomach shrink slowly. However, if you are due to certain diseases, and follow the doctor prescription sign, take such supplies, then you can ask the doctor to see if there are other options can be replaced. For example: the food that are rich in iron content … … and so on. If it is too serious, you can ask your doctor to adjust the dose or formula.

# 5: painkillers

Whether it is prescription drugs, in fact, many drugs will cause constipation problems, such as painkillers is one of them. So the next headache before swallowing medicine, remember to consider their side effects first!