“Men’s best schedule”, optimize in building muscle today!

Want to make the muscles strong, uniform and rapid growth? in addition to going to the gym and long-term exercise, the most important thing is the need for a healthy regular schedule! Is your life really right?

Below is the best schedule of men to maximize their body potential!

# 7: 00-wake up get up

Slowly adjust your wake up time to 7:00 and naturally wake up in that time. This will make you more lively and no longer feeling tired!

After getting up, it is recommended to drink a cup of warm water, to wake up your body. Drinking warm water helps to purify the body, remove the accumulated of toxins, prevent illness and aging.

Getting up early will make you feel that the day is more abundant, do not underestimate a morning, you can accomplish a lot of things, enrich your day, good start from the early on!

# 7: 20-8: 00 – eat breakfast

Within the Three meals, the most important meal is breakfast! Many people go to work or school often overlooked breakfast.

But breakfast must be eaten, as the energy needed for work and study have to rely on nutrient-rich breakfast to maintain. However, please refrain from eating junk food such as hotdogs or hash browns for breakfast since that does more harm than good.

# 8: 30-9: 00- Avoid strenuous exercise

It is recommended not to do too intense exercise in this time period. It is recommended to choose either to walk or ride a bicycle to work.

# 9: 00-10: 30 – the prime time of work and study

Most of the time people have already started to work or in class, please treasure this time, because it is the best work and study time!

This should be the easiest time to concentrate in the day, so use this time to complete a lot of important work or homework, do not waste it on the phone!

# 10: 30 – now the rest

Office workers who should get up now! If you have been sitting in a chair, or your eyes have been staring at the screen, your efficiency would usually start to drop during this time and a lot of occupational diseases is developed during this time, so the appropriate rest is necessary!

Do not sit in front of the desk computer, get up and walk around, or look out the window can let you get a short relaxation.

# 11: 00 – eat fruit, fight against the afternoon

Morning time is the golden time to eat fruit, fructose can give the body enough power to continue to face the afternoon! The day before evening from home to prepare some fruit to the company or school to eat, absolutely make you more spiritual and healthier!

# 12: 00-12: 30 – Lunch: eat more beans and protein

# 13: 00-14: 00-nap

The magic of the nap is quite amazing! Nap is actually a good way to rest, can briefly help the brain relax and suspend active thinking, short sleep can be restarted or to promote the operation of the brain, after a short break, you will find the brain more flexible

Sleep experts recommend that 20-30 minutes of quality sleep will effectively change your physiological state and thoughts, especially if you don’t have enough sleep from the night before.

# 19: 00 – Go to the gym

Fitness can help you lift the day of fatigue, activities bones, forging a better physical strength to meet every day. But remember that no matter how intensive the workout, the time should not be more than one and a half hours, as more than that will not have any effect!

# 20: 00 – Select the favorite movie or read before going to bed

Come home to see your favorite movie and television, to eliminate the fatigue of the day, and to release pressure. You can also use this time to read books and newspapers, and expand your vision!

# 22: 00 – Take a hot bath

A hot bath or a bath is definitely the best way to relieve fatigue! Recall all the things that happen today, and then reflect on it.

# 22: 30-23: 00 – sleep, tomorrow is a new day

Relax your muscles is the key, as much as possible before 11 o’clock to go to bed, in order to allow the muscles to rest for full growth.

Then Wake up tomorrow to start your new day again!