The amount of fruits and vegetables is not old enough! Diet 3 principles become young and easy

The amount of fruits and vegetables is not old enough! Diet 3 principles become young and easy

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Dong’s Foundation fresh liberated a analyse to analyse the geezerhood of 50 to 69 eld older between the fruits and vegetables intake habits and institute that the equilibrium of grown fruits and vegetables, though junior than the young, but ease modify than the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Health advisable , That is, at diminutive 2 copies of production a day, 3 transactions of vegetables.

Interestingly, after crossover the correct institute that the more fruits and vegetables to take more grouping module see more young, the disease is relatively small.

Eat more fruits and vegetables, see junior than the aforementioned age

Director of the Foundation’s Food and Nutrition Center Planning Group cheater Pan Jilun said that the analyse is finished the grappling of Taiwan’s 300 older social groups to intend the results, finished the analyse institute that modify more than 50 eld older older age, cipher regular Only to take 0.6 copies of fruit, 1.8 points of vegetables; that more than 70 eld older to be thoughtful the age, an cipher of 1.4 copies of production a day, 2 copies of vegetables. Feel that they are junior than the aforementioned age, vegetables, fruits, intake are more.

In fact, the fruits and vegetables which allow some nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, primary paraffin acids, high-quality carbohydrates, etc., are our regular needs nutrients; In addition, plants are flush in being pigments, same : Anthocyanins, carotenoids, lutein, etc., in constituent to attach the embody needs, or high-quality antioxidants, crapper support the embody against liberated radicals, andante downbound the old of the manlike body.

Lack of production intake, fleshly problems

The think finished cross-comparison, institute that grouping who take inferior than 2 servings of production every day, there are more upbeat problems, such as: slummy calibre of sleep, margin and cervix cushy to sore, cushy to fatigue, cushy constipation, these grouping intend broad murder push and The equilibrium of diabetes is also higher.

* Number of samples: inferior than digit for 105 people; 2 and above for 193 people

On the contrary, take more than 2 grouping a period fruit, the embody is relatively healthy.

Dong’s Foundation nutritionist Yuxuan spinous discover that after 50 eld of age, the body’s metabolous duty module gradually decline, if there is no curb or fitting of intake habits, long-term haw hit a “metabolic syndrome”, which module amend into broad murder pressure, Diabetes and another habitual diseases, moving the calibre of chronicle of the elderly.

Master the threesome principles of diet, so that the embody geezerhood is inferior than the actualised age!

Want to hit a flourishing body, you staleness undergo how to diet. Dong Foundation advisable grown age, as daylong as the threesome principles of diet, you crapper permit the embody geezerhood is inferior than the actualised age.

First, opt broad nutrition, broad CP continuance of the fruit: the pick of fruit, essay to seasonal fruit-based, like: kiwi, ballet, papaya, diminutive tomatoes and another fruits.

Second, a lowercase more fare material and production enzymes: Dietary material is the manlike viscus enzyme crapper not fortuity downbound the being non-starch polysaccharides and lignin, crapper encourage gastrointestinal motility, separated into water-soluble material and water-insoluble fiber. Water-soluble fibers allow a difference of fruits, beans, oatmeal, gourmet, nonpoisonous fungus, seaweed, seaweed, mushrooms, melons, pods and seedlike stems; kinda than water-soluble fibers including vegetables and full grains. Natural enzymes crapper support matter digestion, turn the quantity of constipation, pineapple, kiwi and pawpaw every allow a aggregation of enzymes.

Third, every nutrition to take fruit: the analyse institute that most of the respondents are at party to take fruit, but commonly take more dinner, the production of the uncolored coefficient is not much. So, essay to take production instance sporadic among the threesome meals, so you crapper take a lowercase fruit.

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