The amount of fruits and vegetables is not old enough! Diet 3 principles become young and easy

Dong’s Foundation recently released a survey to investigate the age of 50 to 69 years old between the fruits and vegetables eating habits and found that the proportion of mature fruits and vegetables, although younger than the young, but still lower than the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Health recommended , That is, at least 2 copies of fruit a day, 3 minutes of vegetables.

Interestingly, after crossing the match found that the more fruits and vegetables to eat more people will feel more young, the disease is relatively small.

Eat more fruits and vegetables, feel younger than the same age

Director of the Foundation’s Food and Nutrition Center Planning Group leader Pan Jilun said that the survey is through the face of Taiwan’s 300 old ethnic groups to get the results, through the survey found that even more than 50 years old old age, average daily Only to eat 0.6 copies of fruit, 1.8 points of vegetables; that more than 70 years old to be considered the age, an average of 1.4 copies of fruit a day, 2 copies of vegetables. Feel that they are younger than the same age, vegetables, fruits, intake are more.

In fact, the fruits and vegetables which contain many nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, high-quality carbohydrates, etc., are our daily needs nutrients; In addition, plants are rich in plant pigments, like : Anthocyanins, carotenoids, lutein, etc., in addition to supplement the body needs, or high-quality antioxidants, can help the body against free radicals, slow down the aging of the human body.

Lack of fruit intake, physical problems

The study through cross-comparison, found that people who eat less than 2 servings of fruit every day, there are more health problems, such as: poor quality of sleep, shoulder and neck easy to sore, easy to fatigue, easy constipation, these people get high blood pressure and The proportion of diabetes is also higher.

* Number of samples: less than two for 105 people; 2 and above for 193 people

On the contrary, eat more than 2 people a day fruit, the body is relatively healthy.

Dong’s Foundation nutritionist Yuxuan pointed out that after 50 years of age, the body’s metabolic function will gradually decline, if there is no control or adjustment of eating habits, long-term may have a “metabolic syndrome”, which will develop into high blood pressure, Diabetes and other chronic diseases, affecting the quality of life of the elderly.

Master the three principles of diet, so that the body age is less than the actual age!

Want to have a healthy body, you must know how to diet. Dong Foundation recommended mature age, as long as the three principles of diet, you can let the body age is less than the actual age.

First, choose high nutrition, high CP value of the fruit: the choice of fruit, try to seasonal fruit-based, like: kiwi, ballet, papaya, small tomatoes and other fruits.

Second, a little more dietary fiber and fruit enzymes: Dietary fiber is the human intestinal enzyme can not break down the plant non-starch polysaccharides and lignin, can promote gastrointestinal motility, divided into water-soluble fiber and water-insoluble fiber. Water-soluble fibers include a variety of fruits, beans, oatmeal, gourmet, edible fungus, seaweed, seaweed, mushrooms, melons, pods and vegetable stems; rather than water-soluble fibers including vegetables and whole grains. Natural enzymes can help food digestion, reduce the chance of constipation, pineapple, kiwi and papaya all contain a lot of enzymes.

Third, every meal to eat fruit: the survey found that most of the respondents are at dinner to eat fruit, but usually eat more dinner, the fruit of the natural weight is not much. So, try to eat fruit time scattered among the three meals, so you can eat a little fruit.