What is the nightmare that awakens you in the middle of the night?

As the saying goes: day thinking, night dreaming. The night to see things in the dream, the event is often hidden things people have deep inside, or a harbor of what happened in the future. Seeing those strange dreams, what are the meanings?

NO.1 dream of their own streaking in public
Meaning: that the dreamer in real life does not have self-confidence, mental stress is relatively large, and more stubborn, inner thoughts and actual behavior is very different.

Suggestions: more leisure exercise, relax the nerve, or generally lower the anxiety.
NO.2 dream to be chased by monsters
Meaning: Things that indicate trouble will happen soon.

Suggestions: ask yourself, is it because you have been hurt and can not let go? Did you feel aggrieved because you did not get the corresponding return?
NO.3 dream of flying
Meaning: If you fly very high, then it means you are ambitious, and success will come soon, but this dream is rare. General dreamers are low-flying, and difficult to control the direction that you are eager to break free from the constraints, out of the woods.

Suggestion: If you want to do anything, be bold to do it, and you will receive the results you want.
NO.4 dream of drowning
Meaning: implies that you may have a problem with your financial or health in your life. Struggling in the water represents an urgent desire for help.

Suggestions: first check your own financial situation, do not stay up all night. You may expect someone to lend a helping hand, but I am sorry, the reality is very cruel, you have to fix it yourself.
NO.5 dream of making love with their loved ones
Meaning: imply that you have encountered great difficulties in learning or working, have heavier stress, and want to get the family’s understanding and recognition, and parents can have similar friends to communicate with the soul.

Suggestions: people occasionally do some sexual dreams. Sexuality is not to transfer their own will, it does not mean that their character is low, dirty and evil, so do not need any psychological burden. Trying to engage in a deep conversation with your family may change your current relationship.
NO.6 dream of failing a test
Meaning: dream of failing the exam is generally auspicious signs. Dream of the test on behalf of the real life of the test, in general, the dreamer’s work and love will be relatively smooth progress.
Suggestions: not because of good luck and too lax and neglect, otherwise it will bad luck.
NO.7 dream of being in a strange house
Meaning: the general dream of the house will not have much furniture to empty rooms and grotesque majority. This dream generally indicates that there will be a big move recently, such as making a major decision or choice.

Recommendation: the emergence of this dream, that wealth is not very good, it is recommended to invest carefully, be sure to identify the direction, rational analysis.
NO.8 dream of the end of the world
Meaning: dream of the end of the world indicates that the dreamer will have a plan, and this plan can be successfully completed.

Suggestions: Do not think that with this dream you must be successful. complacency and arrogance often will turn a good thing into a bad thing.